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About Skåvsjöholm

Nestled by Skåvsjöholm’s shoreline is this unique building which houses Skåvsjöholm’s conference centre.  Everything from the architecture to the sculptures in the surrounding park and the artworks hanging on the walls breathe the 1960s.

The building was designed by Danish architect Carl R. Fredriksen. The clean, bright and airy feeling that the architect wanted to achieve still permeates the facility. The entrance and the restaurant, with their large panoramic windows and black slate floors are typical stylistic details from 1960s design.

Have we said that it is quite an experience in itself to be at Skåvsjöholm?

Book a tour with us to experience it for yourself. 


At Skåvsjöholm, environmental management is more than just a document. Caring for the environment is part of all our operations. We have been engaged in active environmental management for a long time now, with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of our operations. We are extremely proud to have been one of the first hotel & conference facilities in Sweden to be awarded the Nordic eco-label. And of course we still hold this eco-label. In addition, we are now certified in accordance with ISO 14001.

In fact, we do much more than this, and we are happy to tell you about it if you care to ask us.

Skåvsjöholm – Selected by Svenska Möten

Svenska Möten is a member organisation that selects conference facilities and meeting places in Sweden that stand out from the crowd when it comes to aesthetics, environment and history. All Svenska Möten’s selected facilities are quality-assured based on a five-scale classification system.

Skåvsjöholm is classified under Svenska Möten’s classification system. Skåvsjöholm has four crowns of five possible in its evaluation under both the Conference and Hotel/Restaurant categories.