About Us

Just 25 minutes from Stockholm Central and 35 minutes from Arlanda Airport, you’ll find Skåvsjöholm. For these minutes, you get a lot of archipelago and nature!

At Skåvsjöholm you gather in modern meeting rooms, sleep in lovely hotel rooms, enjoy fantastic meals in a beautiful restaurant, and socialize in the relaxation area, bar, and gym. All with a magnificent view of the water, nature ever-present, and everything under the same roof. Our goal is to provide you with a spotless meeting where everything comes together; atmosphere, service, meals, technology, hotel rooms, and activities.

Our building was designed by the Danish architect Carl R. Fredriksen in the early 1960s. The entrance and restaurant with the large panoramic windows and black slate floors are typical details of 1960s design. The clean, bright, and airy feeling that the architect wanted to convey is still present, and we continue to embrace this feeling as we continuously care for and renew Skåvsjöholm.

We offer you 17 meeting rooms of varying sizes, and we can accommodate 107 overnight guests in 87 single rooms and 10 double rooms, all newly renovated in 2020. Most rooms offer a fantastic sea view.


Boka konferens

Kontakta oss

Vi hjälper dig med glädje om du har frågor och funderingar kring konferenser, möten eller kickoffer. Tveka inte att höra av dig till oss via telefon, chatt eller mail. Vi finns här för att se till att ert möte blir prickfritt! 

Vår bemannade bokningsservice finns på plats helgfria dagar året runt, måndag-fredag 08.00-17.00. Övriga tider är du välkommen att använda vår online-bokning. 

Hitta hit

För GPS:

knappa in vår gatuadress, ”Skåvsjöholmsvägen 80, Åkersberga”.

Från Stockholm – körtid 25 min
> Kör E18 mot Norrtälje.
> Sväng av mot Arninge/Vaxholm och tag av mot Vaxholm i rondellen.
> Efter 4,7 km tag till vänster mot Åkersberga/Svinninge, följ skyltningen mot Skåvsjöholm.
> Efter ytterligare 2,8 km svänger du höger mot Skåvsjöholm.
> Följ skyltningen till vägens slut (Skåvsjöholmsvägen 80).

Från Arlanda – körtid 35 min
> Kör E4 mot Stockholm.
> Efter ca 20 km kör av vid Häggvik och kör väg 265 österut mot E18 Norrtälje, 16 km.
> Vid avfarten till E18 kör rakt fram i de två rondellerna mot Åkersberga, väg 276.
> Efter 9 km tag höger i rondellen, efter golfbanan, mot Vaxholm.
> Kör ca 7 km, tag vänster mot Skåvsjöholm och kör till vägens slut.

Med båt
Från Stockholm  med skärgårdsbåt tar det ca 1,5 timme, med RIB ca 40 minuter. Ring oss och boka, vi har båtar som rymmer upp till 80 personer.

Med kollektiva färdmedel
Ta buss 670 mot Vaxholm från Tekniska Högskolan eller Danderyd. Byt till buss 683 vid Kulla Vägskäl.  Kliv av vid hållplats Rydbo Saltsjöbad. Från hållplatsen är det sedan en promenad på 10 minuter. Följ vägen fram och ta av till höger vid vår skylt.

För din bästa resväg till oss, gå in på sl.se ange; Skåvsjöholmsvägen som din slutdestination. Eller slå oss en signal så hjälper vi dig!

Sustainability, Environment & Quality

For us at Skåvsjöholm, it is important to take responsibility for the future and to contribute to a better world. Concern for the environment permeates our entire business, and we have long been engaged in active environmental work with the ambition to reduce our environmental impact. We were actually one of the first hotel and conference facilities in Sweden certified by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Of course we still are. In addition, we are environmentally certified according to ISO 14001.

Consistently high quality, on all levels, is important to us and we are also certified according to ISO 9001. Everything so that you can calmly and safely sit back and just experience your meeting at Skåvsjöholm!

Since 2016, we have been a support company to the Nature Conservation Association and contribute SEK 10 per guest night to their important work to save the Baltic Sea. Please visit our exhibition on the subject when you visit us next time!

In addition to a seamless meeting, we can also entice you with fantastic nature in a lovely archipelago environment just 25 minutes from central Stockholm. We offer forest, water, and our own little beach. Take a break from conferencing for a relaxing walk along the water and experience our beautiful peninsula in the archipelago.

Examples of our Work

  • We prioritize eco-friendly and certified ingredients and commodities
  • We carbonate our own water.
  • We offer chargers for electric cars.
  • 93% of all heating and cooling for the main building is produced via lake collectors, while 100% of Villa Skåvsjöholm’s heating is provided by geothermal energy.
  • The bus company we collaborate with exclusively uses fossil-free fuels, specifically HVO.
  • In 2017, we completely renovated our kitchen, resulting in a reduction of energy consumption by over 95%, for which we were nominated for the Environmental Initiative of the Year!
  • All our hotel rooms are demand- and occupancy-controlled.
  • We always prioritize MSC-certified and approved fish and seafood.
  • 50% of our fantastic breakfast buffet is organic.
  • In 2019, we sorted out 4700 kg of food waste, which was converted into biofuel and biogas.
  • We have continuous environmental improvement requirements for each department, monitored annually.
  • Only one chemical is used by our cleaning staff, and it is, of course, certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.
  • We strive to maintain lower meat consumption and always offer tempting vegetarian alternatives.

ISO Certifications

Quality at every level is important to us, and we achieved quality certification according to ISO 9001 as early as 2001.

We are also environmentally certified according to ISO 14001. For us, these certifications are not just documents; environmental and quality work is well-established and permeates our entire operation. We have long been engaged in active environmental work, aiming to reduce the environmental impact of our operations, and we are incredibly proud to be one of the first hotels and conference facilities in Sweden certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Feel free to ask us for more information!

Additionally, since 2016, we have contributed 100,000 SEK annually to the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and their important work to save the Baltic Sea.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Choosing a hotel certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel means choosing a place that takes responsibility and has met stringent environmental requirements.

The requirements become stricter with each revision, and there is constant work to improve our environmental practices continuously. We have been certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel since 2001 and we are proud to have been one of the first hotels and conference facilities in Sweden to achieve this certification.

Recently, requirements have been tightened regarding energy consumption and chemicals in food and beverages. You can read more about the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and how you can contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle here

Swedish Society for Nature Conservation

The Baltic Sea is Skåvsjöholm’s closest neighbor, but unfortunately, it’s not doing so well. 

Our beautiful location in the inner archipelago of Stockholm, nestled in a bay of the Baltic Sea, constantly reminds us of how precious the sea is. The presence and view of the water are ever-present; from the restaurant, hotel rooms, to the meeting rooms. We want to contribute to improving the health of the sea and are very proud and happy to have the opportunity to help save it.

Since 2016, as a supporting company of the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, we annually donate 100,000 SEK to their work for saving the water in our sea bays. And isn’t it fantastic with our seas? In fact, you could sail around the entire world from our beach.

Feel free to visit our Baltic Sea exhibition next time you’re at a conference or meeting with us!

Situation sthlm

Vi stöder Situation Sthlm och deras viktiga arbete sedan många år, men kände att vi att vill öka engagemanget i sociala sammanhang ytterligare.

Social Engagement

Our staff is a cheerful and dedicated team that shares the will of contributing to making the world a little better. We have therefore been supporting Situation Sthlm and their vital work for many years, but we felt the need to further increase our involvement in social causes.

So, against this background, our charity project Skåvangåvan (the Skåvsjöholm gift) was born! This means that every month, a member of our staff chooses a charitable cause that is dear to their heart, and Skåvsjöholm donates 1500 SEK to the selected organization. Most recently, Karin, whom you may meet at the reception/booking and sales/marketing, chose to donate her Skåvangåva to “Vid din sida” and their work to help elderly people in need – a very commendable choice, we think!

Selected by Svenska Möten

Svenska Möten are experts in meetings and help companies and organizations to develop by using the power of personal meetings.

Being selected by Svenska Möten guarantee you as a customer that we meet high quality standards and are certified according to Svenska Möten’s classification system.

Skåvsjöholm is owned by Svenska Möten together with about 130 other selected meeting facilities around Sweden. All of these facilities are environmentally certified with Green Key or, like us, with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Learn more at www.svenskamoten.se

If you want smooth and environmentally friendly participant management for your meeting, we can recommend electronic participant management via Svenska Möten. Ask our booking staff, and we’ll tell you more!


Årligen utbildas personalen i HLR och L-ABC, en trygghet för både gäster och anställda. Det finnas även hjärtstartare på plats. Krishantering utbildar vi oss i vartannat år. Det görs kontinuerliga riskbedömningar i verksamheten och extern tjänst med besök från vår företagshälsovård en gång om året. Vi håller bra marginal till lagar och avtals minimiregler precis som att god distans hålls till vad som rent allmänt brukar krävas av liknande verksamheter. Självklart är vi medlemmar i arbetsgivarorganisationen Visita och har därmed kollektivavtal med Hotell & restauranganställdas fackförbund och Unionen. För att Skåvsjöholm ska utvecklas framåt och att alla ska känna sig delaktiga, arbetar vi ständigt med förbättringsprocesser där all personal bidrar med sina idéer, stora som små.

Lediga jobb

Ledigt jobb
Kock/kallskänka – extra
Skåvsjöholm söker nu ytterligare en duktig kock med kunskap inom kallskänken för att komplettera vårt fantastiska team i köket. Glädjande nog har vi en stor efterfrågan och behöver emellanåt stärka...
Ledigt jobb
Kock – heltid
Skåvsjöholm söker nu ytterligare en duktig kock, som även har kunskap i det kalla köket, för att komplettera vårt fantastiska team i köket. Vi får väldigt mycket beröm för allt...